Bits-Pays: who they are?

They are the Highest Paying free program out now. What they offer, you will not find no where else. And that is a fact. Join today, and start feeling what old school program feels like. Just give it a try. This is 100% free, so you wont lose nothing for trying!

Ways you can earn

Viewing ads is the highest paying way to earn on this website. You can get 110 satoshis just to view a 30, 40 or 60 seconds ad, it depends. But mostly you’ll get around 100 satoshis. Also, there are ads lower than that, around 20-40 satohis.

Another way to earn is by completing offer, they have for you 6 offerwalls. Simply select an offer, complete it and get satoshis to your account. We recommed using PTCWall, the easiest of those 6, click & earn.

Also, you can get hired and earn more. Basically, you apply to become a “Rented Referral”, someone pays to buy your clicks and you’ll earn from that. More clicks, more earnings.

When and how you’ll get paid?

You’ll get paid when you hit the minimum amount to withdraw, 20.000 satoshis (0.0002 BTC) via Bitcoin Wallet.


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