How you can earn with

On you can earn by surfing ads in a new tab, active window ads (in current tab, in frame), auto surf ads (just leave the tab open, ads will be surfed automatically). They have a PTP (Paid To Promote) section, where you can earn by promoting your unique link, each visit equals satoshis.

Also, you have “Miner” section on their website, it’s basically passive income, you buy a miner and after 30 days you get extra BTC. Miners can be bought with those prices: Silver is 0.0025 BTC, Golden is 0.005 BTC, Platinum is 0.0075 & Diamond is 0.01 BTC. Every miner is rented on a 30 days period, after that it can be extended with another 30 days and so on.

They have a referral program?

Yes, they have. Offering a 10-30% commission from what you referrals view, all ads modules & PTP.


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