What’s this website about?

On this website, DogeADS you can earn Dogecoin by viewing websites, clicking links, completing surveys, also tasks & more so, from their affiliate program.

The ways you can earn, detailed:

  • Viewing ads – simply just go to “Surf Ads” tab and click “Click here to view”. A new window with advertiser’s site will appear. Wait until the time is over, then you can close the website & your reward will come after the time goes to zero. These ads reset every 24h, so you can come every day and view them again. You can earn 10 DOGE only by this! Which is great, in my opinion;
  • MoreTV Time – view articles & earn doge (0.7 DOGE for every 12 pages, 10 seconds per page). Go on website to see more about this one;
  • Doge Links – solve shortlinks and get up to 0.2 DOGE for every shortlink you pass. You can complete all of them in less than 4 minutes;
  • Surveys (Wannads) – complete offers and get up to 200 DOGE fore very complete offer;
  • Complete offers list – here you can find 6 offerwalls (like Wannads) and earn even more;
  • Affiliate program – promote their website and get 15% commission from tasks, surveys & offerwalls; 10% from their surfed ads & 7% from referral purchases (when they buy referrals).


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