How G2A Goldmine works?

Tell about G2A Goldmine to your friends, or if you have an audience is way better, build your G2A Goldmine team and start earning passive income just from that. You can promote your referral/affiliate link on a lost of websites like PTC website, rotators, pop-unders, pop-ups platform or even o Google Adsense if you have some income, obviously this is the most expensive way to promote your G2A Goldmine referral link, but in most cases the most profitable.

G2A Goldmine is even worth it?

Yes, it really is. Why G2A Goldmine is worth it? A lot of people on the internet are trying to buy the cheapest games, even as a gift or for themselves only, everybody is searching for the best deal. So there you are, having the chance to show them the cheapest prices on the whole internet, also making a profit from that.


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