About Golden Farm, from what their team has to say:

Birds price starts with 150 silver coins.
Automatic system of eggs collecting! Collecting eggs without losses and restrictions in time! collect eggs as it’s convenient for you! 
Even once an hour, even once a day, even once a month! The eggs don’t disappear or get rotten!
Well organized market allows to swap the eggs for silver coins immediately! 

Maximal fast payoffs of money to your wallet!
In the process of the game new blocks will be added which will allow to fill up reserve for buying the eggs that will give additional guarantee to the players!
The project has its own currency – gold and silver, there are 2 types of silver: ‘For buying’ & ‘For withdrawal ‘. For silver for buying, you can buy new birds and silver for the withdrawal you can exchange for real money, and withdraw them to your electronic wallet automatically.
To buy birds you have to replenish your balance for buying on the amount you need. The exchange rate of silver in relation to rubles: 100 silver coins = 1 ruble (RUB).
After replenishing your account, go to “Bird shop” And buy the birds you want.
Right after the purchase of birds you will automatically receive eggs from them, you can see their number in the section “Eggs storehouse” and collect them for further sale for silver coins and exchange for real money.
Having questions related to Golden Farm? To solve the problem it is enough to apply for help in support of our project and you will be answered by our support service, which works 24/7 especially for you

Summary, check the image:

Before joining Golden-Farm, remember this: NEVER invest what you can’t AFFORD to LOSE! Again, NEVER! If you have only 10 bucks, keep your money and try to make more, after this Maybe, you can invest, maybe. You know better.

Profit every 10 minutes!

Golden-Farm payment proofs & available payout methods:

  • Payeer, Bitcoin, Webmoney, QIWI, OKPAY, Yandex.Money & more.

Payment Proofs Golden Farm (click)

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