What is Idle-Empire?

Idle-Empire is on of the biggest communities around there when we talk about earning money online. With Idle-Empire you can make some money month-by-month, just because they are in the game for a long time and know how to manage their offers, and with this their users will earn more compared with other website out there.

How I can earn on Idle-Empire?

There are 7 (+1 for, total 8 ways for the USA users):

  • *USA users have the option to earn from CS:GO Idle Server, leave your CSGO account idle on one of their servers;
  • Offerwalls:
    • AdGateRewards
    • AdGem
    • Adscend Media
    • Offertorro
    • Peanut Labs
    • Revenue Universe
    • Wannads
    • Kiwi Wall
    • PointClickTrack
    • Persona.ly
    • ayeT-Studios
    • OfferDaddy
    • AdWork Media
  • “Offers”: on this section, their algorithm searches the best options that fit your profile, based on your location;
  • Videos: they use hideout which pays you every 3 ads seen (leave it idle somewhere) and they give you 80 coins for that.
  • Mining: use your GPU or CPU to mine cryptocurrency and get on Idle-Empire coins, depending on your computer’s power;
  • Promotions:
    • By verifying your email address you will get 100 COINS
    • Connect multiple social media account to your Idle-Empire account, 50 COINS for each one
    • Follow their Steam group and get 100 COINS
    • Follow their Twitter account and get 100 COINS
    • Join on their Discord server and get 100 COINS
    • Invite your friend on their Steam group and get 10 COINS for every friend invited
    • Create a blog post about them and get 10000 COINS
    • Create a YouTube video and get 5000 COINS
    • Make a forum post on Make Money forums and get 2000 COINS
    • DailyTasks:
      • Include Idle-Empire in your Steam name and get 50 COINS
      • Change your Steam avatar with their logo and get 50 COINS
      • Collect between 20-1000 COINS on their Discord server
      • A lot of giveaways on their website, just join them

They have a referral program?

Yes, they have. Offering 50 COINS for every referral you get and 20% for their lifetime earnings on Idle-Empire (Mining, Idle on servers, Offers etc.)

The invited user gets 500 COINS as a Welcome Bonus from Idle-Empire team!

Happy earnings on Idle-Empire, maker!


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