How you can earn with KickAssTraffic?

Earning with Kickasstraffic is very simple, you just watch their Ads named as Active Window Ads (those will be opened in a new tab) & the classic PTC ads which can be viewed in the same window. Daily you can view between 7-25 ads on both sections and those will give you around 100-300 satoshis, which can be later withdrawn via Faucethub (minimum is 2000 satoshis) or Bitcoin Wallet (10000 satoshis), no fees charged for withdraws, which is a good thing in my opinion as a online earner, your money are your money and that’s it.

They have a referral program?

Yes, they do have a referral program. On Kickasstraffic the amount they give to their promoters is very high compared to other website, offering a 30% referral commission. Now you really are motivated to promote them and make a passive income from that! You can promote it everywhere, but if you want maximum results I recommend to use Rotate4all for at least 1 month of promotion, this is paid promotion, not free. If you have a website that’s gonna be very helpful.

For how long they were in the market and I can see some payment proofs?

They are here for a medium-long time, paying since 2016. You can easily find payment proofs on making money forums like Beermoneyforum or Foxyrating, just make a google search. But to make it simple for you, this company is legit. Start earning today and you’ll not regret a second spent on it. Happy earnings!


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