How you can earn money with KingBTC?

There are a lot of ways to earn on KingBTC, one of them is the well known Surf Ads section, where you can earn easily satoshis. Surf Ads section offers you a minimum of 20 ads per day, which is a good thing, you know everyday that you have something to watch and earn from it.

Another way is by their BTC PTP, they offering a nice CPM, 1500 satoshis. Their BTC PTP is very good because you can earn with no limit, there are not daily limits, earn as much as you can. You’ll find your unique link on your BTC PTP profile.

Also, they have a Bitcoin Faucet, get instant payments on your account, you’ll make some satoshis if you like BTC Faucets.

If you want even more, they have Offerwalls, there are total 7 walls. They have high rates for you, which is amazing as a earner.

They have a referral program?

They have a referral program, paying for every active referral. Also, the amount of users you can invite is limitless, unlimited referrals just for you.


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