What is Postloop & how it works?

Postloop is a paid to write/post on forums. The forum owners pay writers to post on them.
Writers are credited points in exchange for their posts, for example 1 point = $0.05.

How to start with Postloop?

In order to be accepted on Postloop, you need to write 10 posts on their forum, Postloop Portal. After you write 10 posts, they will review them and give you a rating. The grammar, length, content determine your rating. The higher is your rating, the more forum owners will want you to post on their forums. Again, the rating is very important, the bigger, the better for you earnings.

Minimum payout & how are you paid?

The minimum amount is $5 and you are paid via PayPal and a 3.9 rating is required to withdraw.

How to withdraw your money?

  1. Access Dashboard, than press Withdraw Funds
  2. Put the amount you want to withdraw & your PayPal email address.
  3. Click agree
  4. Withdraw
    • This process can take up to 3 days, be patient, your money will come.

More about Postloop

  • Site Points is the amount of points a forum has available to credit writers. If a forum has a negative value on their site points, do not post on them as you will not be credited points. A common rookie mistake is that even if a site is on the Active subscriptions list and has negative site points, they’ll still post thinking they’ll still get credited. Don’t waste your time.
  • Active Subscriptions contain the list of forums that are active and crediting points to its users.
  • Daily is the number of posts you’re allowed to write on that forum. Should you exceed this number, you’ll only get credited for the maximum number of posts allowed and not for the surplus posts. Another common rookie mistake is that posting over the daily limit of posts thinking the surplus will carry over the next day. The surplus posts will not be credited even on the next day. Once the day is over, the daily post limit will reset.
  • Points Earned is the amount of total number points you’ve earn on that site. Points given by sites vary greatly each day. There is no fixed rate for posts. On forums that require admin moderation before your posts will be approved, you will only receive points when your posts are approved. On forums that don’t require post approval, points will be credited to your account in 20-60 minutes from the time of posting.
  • Inactive Subscriptions is where forums that are OfflineRemovedPending or Banned from Postloop. Forums that have negative Site Points are located here. Once a forum replenishes their points, they will go back to the Active Subscriptions list. Another common rookie mistake is they continue posting on forums despite being in the Inactive Subscriptions list. You cannot earn points from these forums even if they have positive Site Points left. Forums that you’ve reached the daily posting limit in also appear here with an Over Daily Limit status.

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