What is Starcoins?

Starcoins is more than a regular Faucet you see everywhere on the web, they offer rewards for doing very simple tasks. You can have here your own battleship, upgrade it and battle with other players, not just a faucet and a captcha where you could get bored after the 4th claim. This makes it the most addictive Crypto MMORPG Game out there, also with high rewards.

What are the advantages of using Starcoins Crypto MMORPG Game?

  • A lot of offers you can choose from, multiple offerwalls with higher rewards than on other sites
  • Videos available for you, so you’ll get more BTC from that
  • The classic surveys
  • You can also use your phone to install applications and earn extra
  • Tasks available, like sign-up – 1-3 minutes, simple tasks
  • Mining available with your CPU on web
  • Also mining on windows with your CPU & GPU

I’ve read something about a ship, how I can earn with it?

Simply you have to purchase it and upgrade it for maximum profits, also with it you can make a battle with other players and earn from that! More from NPC’s in battles too. There are competitions, jobs & expeditions.

What’s the minimum amount to withdraw?

There’s a low threshold, only 250 satoshis! Instant payment through your faucethub account (by the time I write this Faucethub is still working, read the news about Faucethub ASAP!, find everything you need on Faucethub.io).


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