I’m sure you’ve heard about the PTP (Paid To Promote) method if you’ve studied a little bit the world of “Beer Money”.

Basically is a company that gives you a like to promote, sometimes you can promote it on traffic exchanges & some don’t allow this type of traffic. But today I’ll show you a few that allow & also where to get the traffic from.

First of all, here are some companies that allow traffic exchange as traffic method.

  1. Adzbux is a well known PTP site in the industry.
  2. Another one that I recommend is MediaCPM, a pretty old PTP.
  3. The next one is CPM-Ad.
  4. The last is a crypto-based PTP, named Bonanza, paying in DOGE.

Select one of them and drive traffic to them with these Traffic Exchanges:

Also, I recommend using them on a VPS (Virtual Private Sever), you can buy one from here (or you can search on Google for another company): click to view

Try to run as many traffic exchanges as you can, the more you have, the more you’ll earn.


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